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Incident Reporting

Patient Flow, Infection Prevention, Incident Reporting, Workload and Hospital Analytics

Incident Reporting is a customizable, scalable, secure, web-based and user- friendly solution for hospitals to prevent, report and resolve both patient and organizational incident events so that they can protect their workplace and improve performance. It provides functions for the creation of incident events and a workflow engine to efficiently track the progress of the review and investigation processes to resolve and mitigate patient/organizational risk. The solution provides real-time information to make insightful decisions on patient, staff and visitor risk. It allows the entry of all potential types of incidents, including falls, medications, equipment alerts and recall incidents. It also allows the documentation of employee Occupational Health and Safety incidents, as well as, patient privacy, complaints and compliments events.

Empower Risk Managers and Quality Teams

incident life cycle

View real-time and historical dashboards of all types of incidents to reviewers, investigators, and risk managers leading to better decision making, operational performance and clinical

Save Precious Clinical and Administrative Personnel Time

  • Users with little or no training can quickly start using the system
  • Easy Integrate with the hospitals HIS and HRS permitting transfer of key information to minimize information re-entry into the
  • Document incidents from anywhere, through authenticated user access from a desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Add attachments to the incident report for complete documentation

Provide Visibility to Leadership

  • Receive alerts and insights into risk factors that lead to certain types of incidents.
  • Visualize organization’s metrics through powerful dashboards, scorecards and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Trend and bench-mark incidents by monitoring the Number of Falls, Number of Medication Errors, Number of Employee Safety events over time and by area.

Built on the Powerful IBM® Cognos® Analytics Platform for Incident Analytics

  • Analyze clinical, statistical and financial performance
  • View data in numerical, graphical and geographical formats.
  • Use a portal to view, manage, publish, schedule and distribute Incident Reporting reports
  • Design and create custom dashboards to monitor incident reporting
  • Collaborate with team members by highlighting business events or conditions that need to be addressed
  • Create dynamic reports with an easy to use drag and drop user interface for content authoring.

Take a test drive to see how Emerald Incident Reporting can help your hospital manage both patient and organizational incident events so that they can protect their workplace and improve performance. Call Us Toll-Free 1-877-259-1557.






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