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Data Analytics for Hospitals | Dynaboard™

Patient Flow, Infection Prevention, Incident Reporting, Workload and Hospital Analytics


One source of information, endless ways to improve.

We can help your organization make critical decisions about funding, staffing and care with Dynaboard a performance management and business intelligence solution designed for Canada’s health care institutions.

Dynaboard software gives your team fast, easy access to data and reports on everything from patient flow to infection control across units and even locations to help you improve patient outcomes, working conditions and your bottom line.

Because Dynaboard is both sophisticated and simple to use, you’ll be up and running on time and on budget with a health care intelligence system you can count on.

Trust the technology

Dynaboard features

  • Web-based software for portable, easy access to information and reports
  • User-friendly dashboards to view multiple performance indicators such as wait times and infection rates
  • Real-time reporting so you can instantly see, analyze and report on everything from bed utilization to antibiotic use
  • Customizable functions to suit your unique needs
  • Seamless integration with hospital information systems (HIS)
  • Standard reports, performance indicators and assessment forms pre-loaded and designed for Canadian health care facilities
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence platform for best-in-class reporting, presentations, notifications and security
  • Scheduled reports, data notification, ad-hoc analysis and nearly 60 pre-loaded key performance indicators
  • Scorecard benchmarking so you can see how you compare to other departments or other facilities in the region, province or country
  • Integrates effectively with Dynamine  to capture workload analytics for comprehensive analysis of all performance indicators

Embrace the support and expertisedynaboard2

At Emerald, we’re your partner right here in Canada. Our team of developers and former health professionals take the time to understand your needs to give you superior software and service.

Your Dynaboard installation includes extensive on-site support and training from conceptual design to product launch so you can enjoy a smooth, cost-effective transition toward smart health care intelligence.

Learn more about Emerald and our approach.