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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Patient Flow, Infection Prevention, Incident Reporting, Workload and Hospital Analytics

banner2All the analysis you need to make big decisions in one place.

With Enterprise Business Intelligence, your directors and information officers have access to a single tool that will measure your operational, clinical and financial performance.

Emerald Business Intelligence instantly pulls together and analyzes a range of metrics about everything from funding allocation to emergency room wait times so you have comprehensive performance reports and strong evidence for strategic planning.

How does Enterprise Business Intelligence improve reporting and decision-making?

Full integration with organization systems and standard / non-standard data sets using powerful ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) tool sets.

  • Instant reports on operational metrics such as cost of stay, funding allocation, emergency room wait times, length of stay and patient flow.
  • Corporate and departmental dashboards to evaluate performance across your units and facilities and to see how your results compare to other facilities.
  • Customizable analytics within an off-the-shelf application allow you to create a business intelligence system based on your unique analytics needs and performance goals.

What kind of difference can Enterprise Business Intelligence make?

  • Directors and information officers save time and resources creating reports for senior management. Emerald Business Intelligence simultaneously analyzes data from multiple, separate sources.
  • Senior management can make valuable, evidence-based decisions with up-to-date comprehensive analysis is at their fingertips. Quickly define areas of improvement and benchmark performance against similar programs at other facilities.
  • Cost savings, ease of use and faster uptake with a commercial off the shelf application that integrates seamlessly with other clinical systems.

Technology and support you can trust

Enterprise Business Intelligence creates consolidated analysis and reports for the decisions that matter most.

Dynaboard combines the proven, powerful platform of IBM analytics with the expertise and service of Emerald, Canada’s leading health care analytics firm.

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