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Financial Performance & Funding Analysis

Patient Flow, Infection Prevention, Incident Reporting, Workload and Hospital Analytics

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Emerald’s Patient-based Funding Solution gives your leaders comprehensive analytics designed to ensure you’re reaching performance targets for care and funding.

By giving you one source for clinical, operational and financial performance analytics, your team has the data they need to make decisions that will improve care and ensure operational sustainability.

How does Emerald’s Patient-based Funding Solution improve decision-making and revenue?

  • Real-time dashboards give you an instant snapshot of HBAM and QBP (Activity Based Funding) performance, volumes and rates.
  • One source of truth to monitor functional centre volumes, types of patients and actual versus expected costs for fast and reliable measurement of costs and revenues.
  • Drill-through capabilities to clinical functional centre data to provide comprehensive analysis at the patient, provider and Health Information Grouper (HIG) level.
  • Internal data quality checks ensure accurate funding calculations.

What kind of difference can Emerald’s Patient-based Funding Solution make?

  • Financial officers and managers can better forecast budget and resource needs
  • Time and resources are saved preparing and analyzing reports
  • Organizational accountability and transparency improve because reliable evidence is readily available
  • Program outcomes, quality metrics and best practices can be benchmarked

Technology and support you can trust

Emerald’s Patient-based Financial Analysis and Funding Solution quickly gathers and analyzes information at the patient, program and organizational level using Dynaboard™.  Dynaboard combines the proven, powerful platform of IBM analytics with the customizable functions, expertise and service of Emerald, Canada’s leading health care analytics firm.

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