Infection Control & Surveillance

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Emerald Infection Control and Surveillance (ICS) gives you instant access to information about infections so your team can treat patients sooner, improve outcomes and save costs.

With Emerald ICS, infection control stewardship teams have the real-time tools they need to easily monitor, manage, prevent and report on infections.

How does Emerald ICS improve infection control?

  • ICS dashboards provide line lists of at-risk patients, new infection cases as well as Central Line Infections, Surgical Site Infections, Ventilator Acquired Pneumonias, Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections, epi-curves and much more.
  • Antibiotic stewardship dashboard lists antibiotic usage, drug-bug mismatches, IV usage and costs so you can improve and measure the use of antibiotics at your hospital.
  • Antibiogram dashboard track, in real-time, the sensitivity of organisms to specific antibiotics without utilizing expensive laboratory resources.
  • Alerts and notifications can be configured to suit your needs and preferences.

What kind of difference can Emerald ICS make?

Improved outcomes for patients

  • Faster infection treatment and access to antibiotics
  • Appropriate courses of treatment on IV / oral antibiotics and timely discontinuation
  • Shorter length of stays

Improved outcomes for organizations

  • Cost savings in pharmacy, lab and patient units for an excellent return on investment
  • Better compliance because teams have accurate information in real-time
  • Smart, simple one-source reporting because managers have access to a key performance indicators dashboard offering infection trend reports and a dashboard to easily report organizational compliance

Technology and support you can trust

Emerald Infection Control gives you sophisticated yet easy-to-use real-time infection monitoring and management that integrates seamlessly with your clinical system thanks to our industry-leading technology and support.

Dynaboard™, combines the proven, powerful platform of IBM analytics with the expertise and service of Emerald, Canada’s leading health care analytics firm.

Dynamine™ provides you with the ability to capture data elements not tracked within other systems in the organization.

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