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Workload for Allied Health & Nursing

Patient Flow, Infection Prevention, Incident Reporting, Workload and Hospital Analytics

banner1You take care of patients. We’ll take care of reports.

Workload can be entered in the system, taking only seconds per patient, or be derived from electronic documentation (e-doc interface).

“Intuitive and easy to use. Only takes seconds to report and manage workload across multiple patients.”

The system delivers what staff need to see in simple screens

  • Patient Names: from an HL7 interface to your ADT system
  • Easy to use workload instruments – designed using Dynaworks™ methodology, which has become the industry leader in Canada for the capture of CIHI MIS standards and case costing compliance.

The system delivers what the organization needs for effective management

  • Workload (and statistics) coded to the MIS and Provincial Standards
  • Worked Hours interfaced from your Scheduling / Payroll system
  • Analysis of workload by the functional centre, service provider and service recipient levels
  • Case costing abstract (interface)
  • Linkage to key clinical data (e.g., DAD, NACRS abstracts and MDS-RAI assessments)

Every day, your team balances managing information and taking care of patients. With Emerald nursing and allied health workload software, your staff has the time to focus on the tasks that matter while our engine collects the numbers.

Nursing and allied health disciplines across Canada have come to rely on our software because it automatically captures and analyzes workload information for quick decision-making and reporting. With that, you have the tools you need to deliver better care and working conditions today and tomorrow.

How does Emerald nursing and allied health workload software improve day-to-day health information management and decision-making?

Your team has instant access to information and reports on key performance indicators such as:

  • Workload can be entered in the system, taking only seconds per patient, or be derived from electronic documentation (e-doc interface).
  • Workload daily and trended values
  • Hour Per Patient Day (HPPD) values
  • Volume indicators (Patient Days, Service Recipients served, Visits, New Referrals/Active Carryovers, Attendance Days etc.)
  • Staff utilization (daily and trended)
  • Skill mix analysis

What kind of difference can Emerald software make?

  • Nurses can spend less time manually logging information in disparate systems and more time taking care of patients
  • Workload analysis offers operational insight for improvements in handling specific case mix groups.

Technology and support you can trust

  • Real-time web-based software designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Health Information System (HIS) to provide ease of acceptance and use. The system includes over 30 standard reports.
  • The data models support customized reporting on workload by itself and on workload linked to clinical health records data (DAD, NACRS and MDS-RAI systems).
  • Best in class methodology that allows you to define automated workload instruments, customized for your specific organization’s needs.
  • Our Emerald workload methodology, the industry leader in Canada, provides easy-to use workload instruments designed to support CIHI and provincial MIS data capture.

Take a test drive to see how Emerald Workload can help your hospital improve productivity and decision support. Call Us Toll-Free 1-877-259-1557.






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