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Patient Flow & Bed Utilization

Patient Flow, Infection Prevention, Incident Reporting, Workload and Hospital Analytics

banner5Because every patient and every dollar counts.

Emerald BedManager helps you meet financial targets and give patients the care they deserve by giving your team the data they need to improve patient flow, access to care and your bottom line.

With BedManager’s real-time patient and bed dashboards and reports, discharge planners can easily make decisions about patient needs to free up beds and enhance transitions.

How does BedManager™ improve patient flow and bed utilization?

  • Real-time patient and bed dashboards give instant snapshots of patient progress and bed use.
  • Assessment tools help determine whether patients should be transferred or discharged.
  • Planning reports indicate conversable days, discharge performance opportunities for increasing differential revenue.
  • Trend analyses of occupancy and off-service provide the analytics and statistical functions hospital managers need for long-term strategic planning.
  • Notifications are configured to provide visual dashboard prompts and send email alerts to Housekeeping when beds need to be cleaned and to Registration when beds are available for occupancy.

Take a test drive to see how Emerald Patient Flow Solutions can help your hospital improve bed capacity and patient satisfaction. Call Us Toll-Free 1-877-259-1557.






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    What kind of difference can BedManager™ make?

    Improved outcomes for patients

    • Reduced wait times and length of stay
    • Better quality of care

    Improved outcomes for organizations

    • Improvements in bed turnover, care coordination and wait times provides patients with better access and improves the organization’s financial position.
    • Patient satisfaction, helping you to build a hospital the community trusts
    • Quality of work life so you can recruit and retain front-line workers and managers

    Technology and support you can trust

    BedManageris real-time patient flow and bed utilization software that allows you to track the clinical readiness of patients for discharge, as well as the types of hospital and community delays that are keeping patients in beds for extended lengths of stay.

    BedManager Data Collection provides you with the ability to capture data elements not tracked within other systems.

    BedManager Analytics combines the proven, powerful platform of IBM analytics  with the expertise and service of Emerald, a division of Harris Healthcare, a leading global provider of health technologies.

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