About Emerald

At Emerald Health Information systems, a Harris Healthcare company, we’re your partner.

Over the years, Emerald has helped dozens of hospitals, clinics and care facilities make better use of their resources and give better patient care with smart, customizable software designed for health care in Canada.

As former health care professionals with an intricate knowledge of the challenges faced by front-line health workers and senior managers alike, we’re able to provide software that’s intuitive, functional and cost-effective.

Our two health care analytics solutions, DynaboardTM  and DynamineTM , give health care workers and leaders instant access to tools and analysis to better manage everything from workload and patient flow to infection control and funding analysis.

Using the industry-leading platform of IBM and Emerald’s custom solutions, support and expertise, we’re able to deliver health care analytics that are best in class for security, reporting, presentations, and notifications.

You can trust the technology and you can embrace the expertise and support of a Canadian firm committed to helping you succeed.